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Hi I'm coach Kara - I'll introduce you to CPAP/BIPAP (PAP) therapy. It's really not to difficult but it does take persistance and a positive attitude!
Let's go, Click here........
 I have collected some videos to help you learn more about CPAP and BIPAP!   Away we go, Click here..... 

Coach Kara
Clinical Manager

Hey I'm coach Tim - let's get after it! I've got some tips to help you adjust to pressure therapy (PAP). With just a small amount of effort you can find things that will help immensely! Click here to blast off to success... 

Coach Tim

Yes you can! I'm coach Mark - I'll guide you through choosing and caring for your PAP mask.
Mask fit can be challenging. Here are a few videos to help!

If you are new to PAP therapy I'll help you determine what mask may work for you! Click here for our mask finder....

If you are a current user and know the brand of your mask click the following | Resmed | Fisher Paykel | Respironics |
If you don't know the brand click here and scroll through our list of masks! 

Coach Mark
Clinical Manager

You've got this! Coach Kathy here. I'll guide you through the insurance requirements for PAP. In most cases you start with a three month trial period. Within those three months (starting from your date of setup) you have only two requirements. Not so bad, Eh? Click here to find out what they are.... 

Coach Kathy
Clinical Assistant

Wow, nice work! Coach [name goes here] here. So, what happens after setup and you're on your own?
We've got you covered:
- Need help with cleaning your PAP unit? Click here...
- Here's why you need to keep using your PAP. Click here...
When can/should I replace my supplies? Your supply replacement schedule is determined by your insurance company. Here are the general guidlines. Click here!
You can order supplies by phone (888-810-5463) or online. Click here to order online. 

Coach [Name goes here]

Yes! Way to go dude! Coach Heather here. I've created a list of common questions that I think will help. Click here to go to mypapcoach! 

Coach Heather

Hey there's more!  Resmed has several tools to help!  Here are links to a few:
1. Myair - sign up for personal coaching based on your data that has been transmitted to CareLinc. Click here to go to myair!
2. Resmed - finding the right mask for you! Click here! 
3. Youtube - Resmed channel. Click here!

Coach - Team Resmed
Manufacturer of PAP products

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